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Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome. Here I will be sharing what inspires my creativity. Spanning from design, wellness, and a little bit in between. I want to share the changes we make in our home to improve the wellness in our family. All while simultaneously focusing and creating a home inspired by layered vignettes and a calming atmosphere, Creating spaces where one can slow down and focus on ourselves and to enjoy what matters the most.

About Martha

Hello and welcome, my name is Martha. Fueled by the goal to create a home that brings the feeling of calmness and peace as soon as one steps into the home. Inspired years ago by well-known creatives, I finally decided it was time to start the journey in transforming our home. I want to start the process of creating spaces in our home that function seamlessly while incorporating products that enhance our wellbeing. In addition, I want a home home where the health and wellness in our family is a priority.

I draw my inspiration from many elements ranging from interior design to fashion. I will be sharing what changes I have made and will make in our home. As well as share bits of decor elements I like to include when decorating the spaces throughout our home. You will also see posts related to wellness and things we like to use. I also like to occasionally share recipes, check some of them out if you’d like. Feel free to follow along and perhaps draw inspiration for your home as well. Follow me on Pinterest where I’ll also post new updates.


My blog will sometimes contain advertising banners and affiliate links. I’ll only share products that I like and personally use. All opinions are and will always be my own. Any sponsored posts will be noted as such by me as well. Thank you for visiting my blog and I truly welcome appreciate your support.

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