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In Our Spaces was established in 2021 with a passion for sharing the transformative power of design and wellness. My goal is to educate and inspire others in creating low-toxic homes filled with layered vignettes and a calming atmosphere. By slowing down and focusing on what truly matters, we should aim to enhance the joy and well-being of our daily lives.

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Blogger, sharer, and go-to-gal for everything wellness, home decor, and a little bit in between.


In Our Spaces posts will sometimes contain affiliate links. Rest assured that any product I share is one that I would personally use, truly like, and endorse. My opinions are always genuine and uninfluenced by any external factors. All opinions are and will always be by own. In the event of a sponsored post, it will be noted as such.

We are grateful for your support and appreciation as it helps sustain our family. Thank you for visiting the blog and being a part of our journey.

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Discover the perfect blend of wellness, design, and everything in between.

Fueled by the desire to cultivate a harmonious and peaceful home led me on a journey of transformation. Inspired by renowned creatives, I embarked on a mission to create functional spaces with thoughtful design and a commitment to clean, toxic-free living. That’s why I proudly became a brand partner with Young Living, to complement our wellness journey and bring the best of both worlds to our home and lives.

With a focus on seamless functionality and a passion for clean living, I aim to create a home that is not only beautiful, but also promotes peace and well-being. By carefully selecting products free from toxic chemicals and incorporating mindful design, we invite others to join us on this journey towards creating a harmonious and balanced life. Fueled by the goal to create a home that brings the feeling of calmness and peace as soon as one steps into the home. Inspired years ago by well known creatives, I finally decided it was time to start the journey in transforming our lives and share with others..

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