wheat field during a sunny and clear day

5 Easy Earth Day Swaps You Can Buy Than DIY

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With Earth day nearing, I wanted to share a few things we’ve switched around the home to make things more eco friendly.

wheat field during a sunny and clear day

Earth Day Swaps

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First and foremost, we switched over to reusable paper towels or bar mop towels like the ones pictured above. Simply grab a few rags at the store. They make cleaning spills easy and with no waste.

Now don’t get me wrong, we do keep a roll of paper towels for messes like spaghetti and such.

But for more simpler spills that don’t include food chunks and for cleaning counters, a few rags will last a long time and you can just throw them in the wash.

Nowadays you can find dryers balls almost anywhere. On Etsy, Walmart, Target, etc. Throw at least two into your dryer to help you clothes dry faster and reduce the amount of time you’ll need them in there.

Snag some of my favorite reusable silicone bags. They come in a variety of sizes and are freezer and oven safe letting you use them in different ways to prepare meals.

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I’ve been using my reusable water bottle for YEARS.

I simply refill it with filtered water from home and head out the door. Plus, with so many options available you are guaranteed to find one you like. My favorite is the above and is one of the more popular lead-free options.

Say bye (or rather hi to a more manageable amount) of plastic shopping bags and hello to cute reusable shopping bags. Another perk is that a some stores won’t charge you for bags if you bring your own. 😉

I wanted to keep this list simple. What other Earth Day Swaps have you made in your life?

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