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LOMI Composter Review: The New Food Composter on the Block

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Wondering if you should get the Lomi Composter or need to learn more? Keep reading to find out our experience with it.

** This post is sponsored by Pela, the manufacturer of Lomi. I was gifted then Lomi Classic to review. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that help keep In Our Spaces running.


Food waste. One of the ever-so things that sure stinks up our trash bins.

Like many, you leave your home for a few hours only to come back and be greeted by the smell of your trash bin. I’m sure many of us have been in a similar situation.

That smelly and leaky scent hits you the second you step through the door. So what do you do? You end up throwing out a half-full trash bag before you can even fill it up.

As a family, we do a lot of cooking at home. From making breakfast, packing lunches, and preparing dinner. I’ll even at times prepare our snacks at times. In turn, this results in a significant amount of waste. Ranging from food scraps, leftovers the kids couldn’t finish, or accidentally leaving something sitting for too long in the fridge.

So what exactly can be done about all this food waste?

Particularly, if:

  1. You have limited space
  2. Don’t have the ideal outside environment for an outdoor compost,.
  3. Don’t have the time to go drop off your scraps at your local food waste program or one doesn’t even exist where you live.
  4. Composting is mandatory where you live
  5. Or like me, you have no clue where to start.

For those of us who are intimidated by the process of setting up some sort of composting system at home – what are our options?

Let me introduce you to Lomi. *Edit****!!!! And it’s on sale right now!

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What is LOMI?

Lomi is an indoor countertop composter designed by the company Pela. The company’s goal is to solve the problem of food waste by helping to remove 1 billion pounds of plastic by 2028.

Pela was kind enough to send me the Lomi Classic composter to try out. Keep reading for my review and about my experience with the unit.

Lomi Composter Review

First Impressions

While your Lomi is en route to you, you’ll receive an email with a video series on how to set up, run, and maintain your Lomi. This is a great way if you’re more of a visual learner.

Thanks to the video series, I also learned all the packing used is LOMI Approved. Meaning, it can be placed into LOMI to compost. How cool is that?! So convenient.

Aside from the actual unit and power cord, the package also came with an instruction manual, a quick guide to the different modes, charcoal refills, and Lomi Pods.

image of lomi charcoal refills, lomi pods, plug, and manuals
What’s included with your Lomi composter

Once I received and opened the package, I took everything out and set up the unit. Piece of cake and super straightforward.

Since we are currently in a small home and practically have no countertop space, I set up Lomi on a stool.

composting machine lomi
Lomi Composter


If you like numbers, here are a couple of stats for you:

The Lomi composter unit weighs a little over 20 pounds and measures approximately 16″ x 13″ x 12”. Quite easy to pick up and move around whenever needed.


It has three different compost modes: Grow, Eco Express, and Lomi Approved mode. What are the differences between the three?

countertop composter lomi
Pela Lomi composter modes from left to right: Grow, Eco Express, and Lomi Approved.
  • Grow: In this mode, Lomi produces nutrient-rich soil that you can use for your garden and plants.
  • Eco Express: This is the fastest mode and can be used to quickly reduce your waste.
  • Lomi Approved: This mode breaks down Lomi Approved bioplastics.

At the end of the day with all our food scraps in Lomi, I select what mode I want to use, hit the button, and let it run its course. After some hours, our waste is significantly reduced in size. Check out the before and after:

Eco Express and Lomi Approved modes both create more dense and coarse dirt compared to Grow mode. The dirt produced in these two modes can be placed into your green bin outside.

Cost and Where to Buy

Currently, Lomi retails for $499.

The downside to the Lomi composter is going to be the cost for some people. However, they now offer Affirm to split up the cost into easy monthly payments for anyone who would rather go this route.

Moreover, they have a subscription program where you save 10% if you subscribe to have your LomiPods and charcoal refills automatically mailed to you.

Final Thoughts on the Lomi Composter

To be completely honest, the Lomi composter is not going to be for everyone. This is depending on different variables. Some rather do compost the old fashion way by setting up something outside and using the sun, while others would rather try a different way. Whatever you choose, is what works best for you.

Our family recycles and tries to shop sustainably such as grabbing more natural foods, linens, products, etc. We do not focus on a 100% sustainable lifestyle, but we do make changes here and there.

I like how Lomi made the process of composting into an easy process.

The different modes are great and it allows you to select and use one depending on your current lifestyle. So matter which mode you use, this unit saves a lot of time and speeds up the composting process.

For us, it made more sense to run it at night. Since we are constantly cooking and snacking throughout the day, I simply wait until everyone goes to bed, then I put in the last bit of scraps in Lomi and let it run over the night.

In the mornings, I just empty it and have it ready for the day’s scraps again.

Simply put, the Lomi composter has made this process a whole lot easier than we anticipated.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of composting?

It reduces your weekly trash so you don’t have to take your trash out as often, reduces your carbon footprint, and add nutrients to the soil.

Does Lomi work?

Absolutely! If you live in an apartment, don’t have a yard, or simply don’t want to deal with an outdoor composter. Lomi works and can work for you.

How does the Lomi composter work?

Lomi breaks food down by using heat, oxygen, and microorganisms. Similar to how food is broken down by micro-organisms and worms.
It breaks down a variety of things ranging from food scraps, meat, dairy, and even some approved bioplastics.

Does Lomi use a lot of electricity to run?

How much energy does Lomi use? Compared to other appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine, Lomi uses significantly way, way less energy.

If you want to step it up a notch and if you have time-of-day electrical rates, you could run Lomi during hours when your electricity rate is cheaper.

What can I put into Lomi?

You can add fruit and veggie scraps like banana peels, egg shells, food that’s been sitting too long in the fridge, and even cooked foods. Moreover, yard waste and Lomi-approved products can also go into Lomi.

Check out the full list of what can and cannot go in a Lomi.

How long does Lomi take to compost?

It depends on which mode you use.
According to Pela for the Lomi Classic, Eco Express takes about 3-5 hours, Lomi Approved takes about 5-8 hours, and Grow takes about 16-24 hours.

For the Lomi Bloom is 2 hours faster than the Lomi Classic.

Does Lomi stink when running?

Lomi is practically stink-proof. Even when we added some pretty rancid foods, it did a great job of keeping smells away. Such a huge relief, especially when you live in a small home.

Should you buy a Lomi composter?

Short answer: Yes.
If you are looking to live more sustainably and have been looking for a simple composting method, then yes, grab a Lomi.

Furthermore, for a unit that one will use for a long time. I think the price is worth every penny. It’s extremely beneficial if you live in an apartment, small home, or heck, even if you do the whole RV living thing.

If you have avoided composting because you don’t have the time or energy, or you simply don’t have the outdoor space, give Lomi a try. Lomi is making composting super easy and convenient. Honestly, wish I would have tried it sooner.

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Lomi indoor food composter

Have you considered using Lomi? Or do you currently have one? Let me know how the process has been for you.


Lomi just released the new Lomi Bloom! 🌱

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So what’s new?

  • A new app!
  • Track your environmental impact of using Lomi with the app
  • Earn Rewards with every cycle – Get freebies from Lomi and other awesome brands
  • 2 New Colors – Sage Green and Black
  • 2 hours faster than Lomi Classic
  • Built-in cleaning mode

Lomi Bloom sold out in 2 hours during the first round so make sure to place your order ASAP to make sure you get it before the holidays!

If this Lomi composter review was helpful in any way or you’d like to check out what other products I recommend on my blog.

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