graphic of useful and beautiful Amazon bamboo organizing finds

Useful and Beautiful Amazon Finds

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I’m a sucker for aesthetics + function. Today, I’m sharing my favorite organizing home products I found on Amazon that are both aesthetically beautiful and useful. Scroll down to check out what my top useful and beautiful Amazon finds are.

Useful and Beautiful Amazon Finds

graphic of useful and beautiful Amazon bamboo organizing finds
useful and beautiful amazon finds graphic of bamboo organizing products

1. Expandable organizers

Love these expandable organizers. Great to use in the kitchen or bedroom drawers. I particularly like to use them in our dressers to organize our clothing KonMari style.

2. Storage alternative

Look at this storage alternative for storing your wax paper, aluminum foil, or plastic wrap. No more pulling out that ugly cardboard box.

3. Cute clothing hamper

This cute clothing hamper is collapsible and has removable liners. Practicality paired with aesthetics.

4. Drawer organizers

Drawer organizers You can use these anywhere! Your office, bathroom, bedroom, etc. I can imagine someone using them to organize different types of tea bags in a kitchen or different kitchen tools.

5. Spice organizer

Upgrade your storage with this spice organizer that expands to fit whatever area you need. Great piece if you need to save counter space as well as you can place these inside your cabinets.

useful and beautiful amazon finds graphic of organizing products

Best containers for organizing

6. Storage basket

nursery and pantry organize containers

This storage basket can be used in the kids room to hold books, toys, and even clothing. These also make great pantry organizers to hold more fragile or bulk things like chips, paper towels, or potatoes.

The wooden handles make it easy to carry and move around.

7. Mesh bags

Cute organizers for the office. Use these mesh bags to store documents, toys and board games, school supplies, in addition to craft supplies. Organized but easy to find.

8. Silicone storage bags

image of beat pantry storage of silicone storage bags

I love this Stasher bag size in particular for storing things in the fridge, pantry, or freezer. I even wrote a whole post about how I use different sizes to pack lunches for the family. I consider this one of the best storage containers for pantry organization due to their different offerings.

Check out their vast collection of bags offered on their website.

9. Storage caddy

And finally, this storage caddy is a great piece to store tools, first aid kit supplies, or even laundry supplies. This could also be used in a nursery where you can have some diapers, baby wipes, and rash creams ready to go. There is even a smaller version available as well.

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So there you have it! Both useful and beautiful Amazon finds. I love things that have the elements of simplicity and practicality.

Looking for some home organizational ideas? Check out this post on how to organize small spaces and find another useful and beautiful high-end kitchen find to organize your spices in class here.

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graphic of useful and beautiful Amazon bamboo organizing finds

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