Sarah sherman Samuel with Lulu and Georgia furniture and decor collaboration items

The Best and Unique Sarah Sherman Samuel Designs

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Sarah Sherman Samuel did it again! She is one of my favorite interior and product designers who has the remarkably ability to effortlessly combine different styles to achieve distinctive spaces that makes us swoon. Her highly anticipated collection is available online. Today, I am sharing some of the best and unique Sarah Sherman Samuel designs x Lulu and Georgia designs from this collaboration.

image with home decor and text Favorite Sarah Sherman Samuel designs by Lulu and Georgia finds

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Check out my favorites finds Sarah Sherman Samuel designs in this collaboration:

  1. This sectional sofa with the curvy details brings style and comfort in your home. The first piece I personally like to begin with when decorating a living room is always the sofa.
  2. Next up, a round coffee table is a great centerpiece with a unique twist.
  3. Checkerboard, checkerboard, checkerboard. Need I say more? this rug will give your space an uplift.
  4. This sideboard can go anywhere. The living room, entryway, kitchen, or even the hallway!
  5. A daybed for a place to rest or as extra seating for guests.
  6. A matching side table to go with the coffee table.
  7. Just give me all the pillows.
unique Sarah Sherman Samuel designs lulu and Georgia collaboration furniture
Unique Sarah Sherman Samuel Designs

Sarah Sherman Samuel’s collection’s are always spot on. All the pieces go so well together that you an can mix and match pieces from the collection flawlessly an effortlessly.

Check out my LTK it page HERE! LTK is a website and available via an app where you can save any of these unique Sarah Sherman Samuel x Lulu and Georgia designs on the app and shop later. I’ve added a few extras on my LTK page there that also caught my eye from the collection. Also, if you need some gift ideas, I curated a list for that special someone who may like useful and beautiful home items. Beauty and utility in one is something I try to look for when shopping for our home.

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