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43 Unique & Modern Tissue Box Covers

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If you’re anything like me, you probably have a preference for items that not only look stunning but also serve a practical purpose. I spent hours searching the World Wide Web, high and low, for the modern tissue box covers. From cute to the most sophisticated and elegant styles, you’ll most likely see one that is to your liking.

Keep in mind that I haven’t handled any of these, so some might fit over a standard tissue box and some won’t. However, you simply need to tear open a box of facial tissue and load them up in there. So keep scrolling and click on the product name for the link.

Modern Tissue Box Covers

41 tissue box cover products
  1. Travertine tissue box cover – love the organic look to this one.
  2. Silver tissue cover – this minimalist tissue box cover will seamlessly bend it to any home as it will easily reflect its surroundings.
  3. Recycled Vintage Parachute Tissue Box Cover – This one is crafted from recycled material making each one unique. Hang it on a wall rack, the back of your car seat, or even take it on the go for trips.
  4. Elegant tissue box holder with lid
  5. Wood tissue box – this unique tissue holder doesn’t hold an entire box of tissues but it sure looks very nice. Great for a powder room and easy to refill.
  6. Monster tissue holder – this cute tissue box cover is just darling. This playful piece will for sure capture the eye of visitors.
  7. Handmade tissue holder dispenser – the most unique tissue box holder I have ever laid my eye upon. Need I say more?
  8. Toro tissue ring – Okay, so this one isn’t a cover but this tissue ring’s minimalist design is simply elegant and classic. And sometimes it’s just nice to have an alternative to tissue box covers.
  9. Black marble tissue holder – aesthetically chic and unique, but would also make a great gift for that man in your life. It’s also available in white marble, brass, and stainless steel. A green one is available here.
  10. Concrete tissue box – this cool tissue box cover is stylish and modern.
  11. Wooden tissue box holder – this cute tissue box cover will slip right over your existing one. Also has great reviews.
  12. Knot ceramic tissue holder box – what a pretty tissue box
  13. Birillo tissue box – minimal holder that also comes in a rectangular size.
  14. Graf Lantz Felt tissue box cover – available in either the square or rectangular design and in different colors.

And now some more:

image of 14 tissue boxes cover
  1. Multifunctional Tissue Box – a 3-in-1 piece! Could this piece be the best tissue box cover of them all?
  2. Wooden modern tissue holder – simple but with a unique detailing
  3. Rectangular black resin tissue box – so sleek!
  4. Resin tissue box with a marble-like design – same as #17 but in white!
  5. Eco-Friendly cotton and linen tissue box – lovely pieces that will bring a softness to a room.
  6. Handwoven rattan and buri aesthetic tissue box
  7. Smokey elegant tissue box cover
  8. Wooden stylish tissue box cover – a high-end unique looking cover
  9. Acrylic modern tissue holders
  10. Tissue box with lid – this is gives me all the Konmari vibes.
  11. Lacquer modern tissue box holder – you can never go wrong with a minimal piece.
  12. PU leather simple modern tissue box cover
  13. Wood and steel modern tissue holders – available in black or white.
  14. Bamboo tissue & toilet paper holder set – it comes as a set with a matching TP holder. How neat!

Up next – creative tissue boxes.

image of 15 tissue box cover modern
  1. Glass Effect Acrylic cover – available in 6 different colors
  2. Woven cover in natural – simple yet eye catching.
  3. Terrazzo Tissue Box – this is one of several that would be great for the bathroom.
  4. Cute tissue box cover – this dainty piece would make a lovely wedding gift.
  5. Aluminum Tissue Case – made using found and recycled material
  6. Fun tissue box cover – if you like eclectic decor, this one is for you.
  7. Ethereal and whimsical tissue box cover – these are quite funky.
  8. Cute Wooden Robot Tissue Box – How cute is this one?! There are also some cute gamer tissue boxes!
  9. Cute tissue box covers in a checkerboard style – available in 6 different styles, you’ll be sure to get one to your liking.
  10. Cool tissue box in color blue – easily see when you’re running low in tissues.
  11. Casa Tissue Cover – Super inexpensive and the tissues make it seems like a cloud of smoke of coming out of the chimney. Another plus is that it will not break if it’s accidentally knocked over.
  12. Resin stone figure case – this unique tissue boxes will sure stand out.
  13. Chic tissue box cover – This 3D-printed cover fits right on top of a tissue box.
  14. Florence holder – you can use tissues or a TP roll.
  15. Chessboard funky tissue box cover – for some reason, this one is giving Alice in Wonderland vibes.

Phew, so there you have it, plenty of modern tissue box covers to pick from for your home, a gift, the office, etc. Which one is your favorite?

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How do I choose the right tissue cover for my space?

Consider your décor and personal taste. I would start with what colors compliment your current decor and then narrow it down by style.

If you’re looking for a cover for the bathroom, I’d keep to acrylic or ceramic pieces as metal ones could be prone to rust in a humid environment such as a bathroom.

Are these tissue box covers durable?

Absolutely. However, if you have children or pets, take that into consideration before decided on a ceramic cover.

How do I clean and maintain a tissue cover?

Simply wipe with a damp cloth or use a gentle cleaning solution to maintain their pristine look.

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image of 9 modern tissues box covers

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