how to start reducing waste at home wellness guide

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Read along to learn more on how to start reducing waste at home.

As someone who has been slowly switching to natural products for the past year, I’ve been feeling pretty good about reducing waste and the amount of toxins we bring into our home.

So I began searching for ways I could possibly reduce waste and maybe save a little money in the long run by making some changes. A balance of both. I have typed up a list of things. Some we have already done and some not, but will eventually. This is primarily a FOR THE HOME list. Yours might look slightly different depending on your needs.

Things you can slowly change:

  1. Replace toilet paper with toilet paper made from a different material? Bamboo?
  2. Replace a paper grocery list with a digital grocery list.
  3. Use reusable shopping totes.
  4. Replace your plastic cutting boards with a wooden cutting board.
  5. Use old toothbrush as a cleaning brush for hard to reach spots, like faucets. 
  6. Reuse packaging material.
  7. Use a multi-purpose household cleaner to reduce the amount of bottles you throw away. I like to use the Thieves Household Cleaner (use referral ID 25860021 @ checkout). Just one capful in a bottle and fill with water and that’s it. It lasts a long time.
  8. Replace paper bills and statements by signing up for paperless billing.
  9. Use as much natural lighting at home during the day.
  10. Replace paper towels with reusables ones.
  11. Air dry clothing when possible. 
  12. And finally, my favorite of all: No more budgeting on paper. I love the ‘Pockets” feature in my trusty bank but not really a bank at One finance.  Definitely recommend it. I have two bank accounts but this is the one I mostly use. It’s like the envelope budgeting system but in digital format. I also have a promo link down below if you decide to open an account.

Nothing extreme, but baby steps. Things we are comfortable with changing now. I’m sure we will add things later on to our list and under different categories. Such as beauty and food. We’re not perfect and will most likely make mistakes along the way.

Click here to open an account at One Finance and get $50 when you make a qualifying direct deposit of $250 or more.

how to start reducing waste at home wellness guide

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