Mothers Day gift guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Searching for a Mother’s Day gift guide? Come and look at some wellness gifts that range from affordable to luxury items a mother would love

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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  1. A waffle robe for her self care days.
  2. The ultimate antioxidant elixir. Why? Well, it’s incredibly good and another alternative to coffee. Make sure to pop it in the fridge before drinking. Use ID 25860021 @ checkout to get an gift box that will be mail from me. Tip: Orders of 100PV or unlock a 24% discount.
  3. A dainty necklace. A staple piece that be worn will any outfit.
  4. An essential oil diffuser kit. This one is super cute.
  5. The multi-purpose pan. The pan that everyone online is obsessed with.
  6. A handmade ceramic bowl to keep some fruit or veggies in.
  7. This sculpture art piece to make an elegant statement.
  8. This lovely insulated beverage container can use used to keep that coffee or tea warm.
  9. Some classic slippers to pair with that waffle robe.

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My Top Picks

Hope this Mother’s Day Gift Guide gives you some ideas to gift your mother, sister, or mama friend on that lovely day. My top five from the list would firstly be the unicorn juice show as #2 above. It is delicious and extremely addicting. Not only that, it packed with lots of antioxidants for overall wellness. It has been brought by me before. Aaand I still purchase it to this day. It also comes in travel packs like in this combo pack bundle where you can pack them in your lunch or even freeze for a treat.

Secondly, I would pick the diffuser. Thirdly, the comfy robe followed by the slippers. And finally, the pan. This pan is always selling out. So grab it before it’s gone if you see one in a particular color that you would prefer.

Looking for ideas?

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