image with text. image is grid of 5 product. text reads: gift guide for the wellness enthusiast in our spaces dot com

14 Things: Holiday Gift Guide for the Wellness Enthusiast

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Check out this gift guide for the wellness enthusiast that includes gifts they will love and maybe you will to.

image with text. image is grid of 5 product. text reads: gift guide for the wellness enthusiast in our spaces dot com
Gift guide for the wellness guru

Gift Guide for the Wellness Enthusiast

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A lot of wellness gurus like to make sure they are taking their supplements. Gift them this gorgeous pill case set so they can always know for sure they didn’t forget to their supplements.

I know I would want one. Available in four different colors.

View the entire collection here.

image of clearly filtered brand water filter with pitcher

This water filter filters up to 365 contaminants. Which is “…up to 73x more dangers than typical store-bought filters.”

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They will enjoy amping up that filtered water with some delicious tea that provides immunity support, digestion, energy, and vibrant skin. Find the whole collection here, or their entire line on Amazon as well.

Grab the organic variety sampler packet pictured above on AMAZON HERE.

Or, if you’re looking for something at a lower price point ($13.99), you can grab this organic variety pack on Amazon as well.


This unflavored collagen easily mixes into hot or cold drinks. And bonus, it’s unflavored.

Also unflavored, this is my favorite collagen of all time – marine collage – and I always make sure we never run out. I like to mix it into some matcha tea.

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Ha! Can you tell I’m a fan of Truvani? Gift some Vanilla Chai Protein powder so they can enjoy a nice and delicious (and not chalky) protein drink after a workout. It’ll also satisfy that craving for Starbucks coffee after a workout.

It’s a great pick if the person you’re gifting it to has a dairy sensitivity. See all other favors here.


Gift a luxurious acupuncture set or whatever pieces you wish because it will do wonders for your wellness guru peer or for yourself. It’s an investment that’s SO worth it. I have one and love it.

USE COUPON CODE: inourspaces

image of red light therapy device on and on a small metal stand on top of a furniture edge

This innovative red light therapy device is chargeable and super portable.

USE CODE: inourspaces for an exclusive $250 off your order.

Healthy Home Light Bulb

Speaking of light, this revolutionary light bulb should be in everyone’s home. Especially, if they have difficulty sleeping or get headaches from regular light bulbs.. This light bulb will you to fully equip your home with circadian-friendly light.

It has 3 color settings, it’s flicker-free, circadian friendly, and super easy to operate.

**USE CODE: inourspaces for 10% off your order.

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Instead of just listening to a recording of a fan, how about listening to an ACTUAL fan with the sound machine. The sounds it makes are so natural – the perfect gift to ending the day.

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If you know the person quite well, this organic homeopathy starter kit with 20 different homeopathic options will be at arms reach whenever they may need it.

View more options here.

*Not medical advice

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These ankle and wrist weights can be added to any workout routine for a little extra resistance.

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These cork yoga blocks are firm enough to support body weight which is something not found in most foam blocks.

Is your gift receiver into weight training? Gift them this barbell set for those days when they feel like working out at home instead of heading to the gym.


My favorite wellness tinctures. These are the best natural alternatives to certain over the counter stuff you can find.

We use NIDRA primarily for sleep support muscle recovery and PRANA for inflammation – such as when I feel a headache coming or if I’m having menstrual cramps. Thinking we should snag the IMMUNITY one for this winter.

ORDER HERE and use code: inourspaces for 15% off your first order.

*Not medical advice

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image with text. image is grid of 5 product. text reads: gift guide for the wellness enthusiast in our spaces dot com

And that’s it for now. Anything that caught your eye in his gift guide for the wellness enthusiast? Are you into all thing wellness?

If you need more gift ideas, I have some more lists here.

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