image with text of grid with 6 images of ever friendly gifts. Text ready for eco friendly enthusiasts gift guide, in our spaces dot com

Gift Guide: 9 Exceptional Gifts for Eco-Friendly Enthusiasts

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Unique gifts for eco-friendly enthusiasts. Now more than ever, more individuals are thinking about not only the impact their purchase makes but also how it can impact their health.

From switching to single-use plastics to reusables once, check out these sustainable eco friendly presents that will sure be put to good use.

image with text of grid with 6 images of ever friendly gifts. Text ready for eco friendly enthusiasts gift guide, in our spaces dot com

Gifts for Eco-Friendly Enthusiasts

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This wrap is free from toxins and unnecessary chemicals. Say goodbye to plastic wrap and hello to sustainability with these cut-to-size wax paper roll since they are the ideal alternative to plastic wrap. 

How cute is this sustainable zero-waste cleaning set?! I think I might even want one for myself.

Currently on sale for 20% off.

Sustainable Home is an inspirational, stylish, and practical guidebook to guide anyone in leading a more low-impact lifestyle.

One of the silicone storage bags replaces 260 single-use plastic bags a year. Making this set one of the more environmentally conscious gifts you can get for someone.


If your gift receiver does not have the room to compost scraps at home, this home composter is one of the eco friendly gift they will certainly enjoy.

I personally have the classic version and love not having to deal with much when it comes to composting.

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Reduce the need for toilet paper with Tushy, the bidet! It doesn’t need any electricity nor any additional plumbing, making it a lot easier than one thinks to install.

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This half buckwheat hull, half wool pillow conforms to one body. I have this exact pillow (and mattresses) and it can be adjusted to your own comfort level.

In addition, it’s encased in an GOTS certified organic cotton twill case AND you’ll support a small business.

Check out their other products here.

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This shower caddy with shampoo bars is an alternative to liquid shampoo as it reduces plastic waste. 🌱

The stand is made out of eco-friendly recycled material.

This mini air purifier will capture and destroy pollutants. Perfect gift for wellness lover.. AND it’s currently on sale for Black Friday for 31% off!!

A few more gifts

  • If you feel comfortable enough, gift them some bamboo products from Cloud Paper. They have products that are 100% bamboo, soft, strong, and sustainable.

Seeking more gift guides?

I have several more which you can browse more here.

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