beeswax wrap as food storage alteranative

A Great Food Storage Alternative for Plastic Wrap

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Seeking that Food Storage Alternative

So on my blog, particularly in my About page, I announced that I would share ways we are going about our wellness journey. From making changes to what type of cleaning products we use as well in particular reducing the amount of plastic in our home. One of the things I decided to start with was our food storage.

One of the food storage items we used a lot of was plastic wrap/cling wrap when we had leftovers. Plastic after plastic and then all that plastic right next to our food make me a little paranoid. Paranoid about what could possibly be leaching into our food.

What Did I Find?

So there I went to our closest natural grocery store to see what I could find. Glass storage? That works. Metal storage containers? That works as well. But honestly, we already had those in possession. I was in search of something I could simply use to cover our food instead of having to transfer it into another container with a lid.

I walked down the aisle and then I saw it – Beeswax Wraps. I grabbed the 3 pack one since it comes in three different sizes of small medium, and large. And honestly, if I were you, I would grab two of them because even then I had to go back and grab a second after using them for a while.

You’ll want a couple extra on hand and the different sizes available and within reach. They are easy to use, clean, and no more worrying about plastic near our food. And, they are a great plastic warp alternative.

variety of food wrapped in beeswax wrap

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use beeswax wraps for food storage?

It’s easy. First, simply drape your beeswax wrap over your plate or food item, Then, with the warmth of your hands you shape the wrap around your food/plate. Simple as that.

How long do beeswax wraps last?

About a year with proper care, sometimes even longer. It really depends on how often you use them.

How do you clean beeswax wraps?

Clean them by using cold or lukewarm water and mild soap. Gently scrub with a sponge and rinse. The set aside to air dry. Do NOT place them in the dishwasher.

Can you use beeswax wraps to store raw meat?

No. Since you cannot use hot water to wash the beeswax wraps, you should avoid using them with raw meat. But you can use them for everything else. Just make sure you food is completely cooled before using the wrap as the heat could melt of the layer of beeswax it has.

Do the wraps absorb smell after being used for food storage?

I found that the wraps do not absorb the smell of foods such as onions, so they can be reused with other food. Do note though, that if you’re food is colored like beet, the wax will pick up some of the color but it doesn’t impact the functionality of the wrap. 

Why should I use beeswax wraps?

  1. Reduces waste
  2. The wraps last a long time
  3. Compact and stores quite easily
  4. Saves you money
  5. Keeps food fresh for longer
  6. Washable
  7. Natural
  8. Multi-use – you can wrap a variety of foods
  9. Biodegradable
  10. Easy to care for

Where can I purchase beeswax wraps?

food storage 3 pack beeswax wrap

You can usually find them at your local natural grocery store Like Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, etc. Or, you can order them online at Amazon HERE.

Need another food storage idea or looking to switch something else in your home to a better alternative? Check out THIS POST to see what we switched use now instead of plastic sandwich bags.

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