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What is a Young Living Brand Partner?

In this post I will be talking about what a Young Living Brand Partner is and how to start your business. Have you been Interested in the business side of Young Living? Looking to find a way to make money from home? Which ever the two, I’m excited to have you here. If you have any questions, ask away at any time!

Okay, so a Young Living Brand Partner. What is that? A Brand Parter is someone who is pursuing the business side of Young Living. Becoming a brand partner is completely optional. But if you do decide to become a Brand Partner, you do the business side by sharing and talking about Young Living products. Share what you are using , what you’re falling in love with, and why you’re loving them!

Firstly, do you have to know about all the things? Absolutely not. You can simply pick your top three or five products that you love and talk about those.

I started this business knowing nothing about the products. Honestly, I just wanted their famous diffuser. But after using and falling in love with the products I saw the potential for earning a paycheck and creating my own small biz. I also learned that you can even outrank the person who enrolled you. Also, you do NOT have to keep inventory or ship out anything. Young Living takes care of all of that for you. How cool is that?! So I took the leap.

How to get started on your Young Living Brand Partner business

How to start you business and become a Young Living Brand Partner. To begin, the only thing you will need is first, create an account through my link. Most importantly, make sure you see my referral ID 25860021 when creating your account. And second, order the Business Essentials Kit (29.95). This kit will convert your account to a “Brand Partner” account and is what will launch you into your Young Living business journey. You’ll also get a welcome package from me!

When you join or reactive your account through me using my link, you’ll gain access to our community resources, educational groups, videos, and overall community support to help you along your business journey. Whether you plan on sharing via social media, in person, or both, our community provides a tremendous amount of resources to help you grow your business.


It is important to enroll under a team that will provide resources to help you grow your business. If you open an YL account without including a referral number when creating your account, you are then randomly placed with a current YL member who may or may not provide resources. Each team is different.

Also, make sure to hop onto Subscribe-to-Save (STS). This will unlock your 24% discount. STS is not required from the beginning of your Young Living business, though it’s highly recommended so you can try out and learn about the products.

I’m so excited! Are you ready?

Click on the “Start Here” button down below. It will take you to the YL website so you can create your free Young Living account to get started! Don’t forget to use referral #25860021 when creating your account.

Learn more about Young Living, such as Subscribe-to-Save, Loyalty Rewards, and Monthly Gifts with Purchase by going clicking on the link down below.

Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to sell Young Living?

The only thing you’ll need to start is the Business Essentials Kit (29.95).

How do I start selling Young Living?

You share by simply sharing with others about the products you’re using! No pushy sales tactics or cold-calls. Many like to share products they use via social media.

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